Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't Even Bother Reading This Piece of Crap Blog Entry

Man, I'm telling you, I cannot get enough of this David Copperfield. In today's reading, young Davy and his love interest, Em'ly, kiss outside of a church while Mrs. Peggotty and Mr. Barkis are getting married. After their kiss, ten-year-old Davy explains to Em'ly that he will never love another girl, and that he will not hesitate to shed the blood of any potential suitors.

I didn't know David was so badass. If only he could stand up to his abusive stepfather, Mr. Murdstone.

David Copperfield is making me laugh, out loud, more than any book I have read for a while. And I am not making fun of the book, either. Charles Dickens has made me laugh intentionally and unintentionally, many times. It's good stuff. Great storytelling.

Ah, yes, the classics. There is nothing quite like reading a soft-cover, Norton Critical Edition of a literary classic. The old, college "Used Book" Norton Critical Edition reading experience. That's a classic way to read a classic, I think. Those essays in the back are gonna be the shit.

The version I am reading was edited by Jerome H. Buckley, who is some scholar guy. He also wrote the Preface, which is awesome, because he uses the word, bildungsroman. The novel is a bildungsroman, indeed.

There's probably nothing more exciting than reading this crappy blog entry. Disgraceful. I should have stopped after the first paragraph.

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