Monday, October 4, 2010

Like a Bowie Knife

I finished reading Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. It is a parable that tells us, "Hey, people are naturally evil and want to destroy shit." I liked it. There is some good boulder-rolling in that story.

I guess I totally skipped September in my blog, here. September is a tough month for me, since that is when school is getting underway, 'n' stuff. I am excited, because this year I have an advanced clipboard grading system. Each year, I hone my pedagogical craft, like a bowie knife. Each year, like a bowie knife, used in a duel, I draw my teaching skills to a sharper edge, an edge that slices, like a bowie knife. Picture a bowie knife being flourished wildly in the face of a bandit--in much the same way do I brandish my whetted teaching prowess. Watching me teach is almost like watching some big dude with a bowie knife wave his bowie knife in the face of a villainous attacker. My lesson plans deliver a virtual bowie knife assault to the head.

Bowie knives are awesome, but there are plenty of other types of knives that are also cool to use, unless you play the video game Double Dragon, where there is just one type of knife. But in that game you can throw cardboard boxes and use a bullwhip. So it evens out.

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