Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Litigious

My girlfriend sure reads a lot, now that she's in law school. What a dumb type of school to attend. I would never go to law school.

One time, when I was pedicabbing, my customer kept urging me to go to law school, because there is no money in teaching. He said, "No, really though, you should go to law school. You'll never make any money in education. I went to law school, and now I make great money." I tried to explain to him that I really could never go to law school, but he kept advising me to go, as though it's just some type of school anybody could attend. If I went to law school, I would just not do the homework and eventually flunk out, mostly due to lack of interest. That guy was a real piece of work.

My tooth is throbbing, and I want to rip it out of my jaw with a pair of needle-nosed Vise Grips.

I bought my girlfriend some beautiful birthday flowers, but now they're all withered. That probably means we're going to break up. Damn it!!

It's going to be hot this week. That means I'm going sleeveless tomorrow morning, during my commute. Let the AM excitement continue. I have been waking up so early, lately, that it sort of makes me want to cry.

I'm gonna go relax and eat snacks. Adieu.

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