Monday, April 25, 2011

Ambivalent, Like Bobby

The IRS has me on hold. I called the IRS, because I have to make a final payment to them. I owe them some money from unpaid taxes in 2008. It's cool.

My call is important to them. The next available representative will assist me as soon as possible. Is anybody else on hold with the IRS right now? I'll race you. I'll race you to customer service.

I am using the speaker phone feature on my cell. Thank god for that. Otherwise, I'd have to hold the phone to my ear the whole time, which would make it difficult for me to type.

Jeez. I have certainly been on hold for a while.

I Look out the window. Children caper in the streets. Old people hang halfway out their windows. Dogs get walked. Tulips continue to bloom, dewy and purple, at the entrance of Prospect Park. McDonald's emits its singular fragrance. Life passes me by. Representatives are still helping other customers.

This song is awesome. I love the tinkling of the piano and the smooth back beat. Ooh, is that the irresistible pulse of bongos? All of this sounds so deep and crisp coming out of my phone's powerful speaker system.

I just talked to the lady. She was actually really cool and helpful, and now I feel bad about the derisive tone that pervades most of this blog entry. I'm so conflicted. I'm like Bobby, from the 1984 version of The Karate Kid.

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  1. This is one of my favorite one of your posts. Well done.