Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dog Training Tips

I've begun training my dog by using delayed positive reinforcement. It's the latest thing, based on my belief that you shouldn't embarrass your dog with any correction/praise in public.

Here's how it works: When my dog does something right, I approach him, later in the day, and I tell him that I really appreciated when he did that totally good thing earlier. He seems to respond very well to this form of encouragement. I just say something like, "Hey Franklin! Remember when you didn't try to kill that Westie in Prospect Park, this morning? That was so good! You're such a good boy! I've seen so much improvement in your dog aggression problems!" And then I pet him a lot.

Here's another example: The other night, Franklin was peeing on the couch, and it reminded me of the time, two days before, when he peed on a tree, outside. When he was done peeing on the couch, I immediately approached him and said, "Hey Franklin! I am so proud of you for peeing on that tree, outside, a couple of days ago. I know you can make it a habit to do that more often, instead of peeing on the couch. I love you so much, even though you have mysteriously exhibited bad house training, as of late. I'm sure you can make me proud by relieving yourself, outdoors, like you've done so many times in the past. You're my special pal and I have faith in you!" I said this while scratching him behind the ears.

This training strategy has been working wonders.

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