Sunday, May 23, 2010

Coconut Rice Crispies

Here's me, staying up very late on a big Saturday night in! Check out this coconut I broke open and then used as a bowl to eat my Rice Crispies and Rice Milk. Blammo! This was a big first for me.

Big wow. So my girlfriend knows lots of stuff, and she told me I should start a popular blog. So here it is. I really have no idea what I am going to write in this big dumb blog. My girlfriend doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. What an idiot. Do you know who my girlfriend is? Her name is, Jane "You Should Make a Blog" Mcknownothing. What a dorksquad. I can't wait until this blog completely flops so I can rub it in her face until the end of time.

So anyway, I put a picture up there of me with half of a coconut. Big freakin' whoop. What the hell happens now? That picture is from like two months ago. It's not even recent. I suck at the Internet and I can't even believe I was able to create this blog with this silly design template 'n' stuff. I want to shoot a Nerf gun at the Internet. Whaaaaat?!!! That doesn't even make sense!!!

I think this blog entry might be going horribly awry. I am playing with my beard a lot. I wonder if people from all over the globe will soon read about me playing with my beard. The Internet makes our world so small and pathetic.

I'm pretty sure my blog sucks pretty bad. Fuck! I'm really doing it to myself this time.

So I started doing Stand-up Comedy again for the first time in about seven years. It's been fun. I have been doing it for a couple of weeks. Open mics. Man, I really floundered and failed, one night. Bombing doesn't feel very nice. I should probably get used to it, though. I am boring myself with this paragraph.

I saw a little kid fall down tonight in Prospect Park. What an idiot. I also saw some dudes with gas-powered RC cars. I stopped and watched the RC car session. I used to have a sweet RC car. It was a Team Losi Jr. T. I ordered it from a catalogue. It came with a video in which the awkward, dorky RC car guys show you how to assemble the car. I remember one part of the video where the guy says, "Now, you hook up the motor up" and he sounds like a real ass because that shit is redundant. What a complete idiot.

If you're ever gonna get pants, make sure to get sweatpants.

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