Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Park Slope Sanctimoniousness


I bombed at tonight's comedy open mic at Puppets Jazz Club, in Park Slope. Apparently, people in Park Slope are too good for poop jokes. Or crude humor, in general. That makes sense, since Park Slope is Opposite Land. You tell some vulgar jokes here in Krap Slope, and people will just love it. Actually, I believe my jokes would be unfunny to most of the people in Krap Slope, too. Blam! One great thing about tonight is that I am getting better at bombing. I can handle it better, now. That's key.

My girlfriend wants me to watch Glee with her. That show is good. I like it. But I felt inspired to sit in the study and blog. Yessss! She just tried to give me the middle finger with her toe, but she didn't have the motor skills. She wants me to watch the show and--get this--blog at the same time. What? C'mon! Not all of us have a gigantic corpus callosum that allows for multitasking. I'll just sit in here, thanks, and mono-task.

I just ate a perfectly constructed turkey sandwich, which featured cracked pepper turkey. Oh yup! I think I need another.

I rode my bike today. It was pleasurable.

Sucks I couldn't see Mike Birbiglia tonight in Brooklyn. He performed at Union Hall, but the shit was all sold out. That guy is funny as heck. "Heck" is my favorite curse word. Go to heck.

I finally finished reading Gravity's Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon. What a nightmare. That book did not go down smooth at all. I believe I started reading it six months ago. I definitely missed the basic concept of the text. In addition, I definitely had no idea what was going on in the story 90% of the time. I plowed through it, though, like an angry yak. Grrrrrrr! I basically just read the words on the pages until the story was done, without experiencing any sort of story, whatsoever.


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  1. If I hecked your mother and married her, would you mow the lawn at my request?