Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Freakin' Camera Was in a Gym Sock

What the frig. I just wasted about a half hour looking for my digital camera. I wanted to take a new photo for this new post. I found it under my bed in a gym sock, with a clump of cat hair stuck to it. I keep the camera in a gym sock so that it stays protected (I don't have a case), but usually I don't let it slide under the bed like that. I don't know what the hell happened. I was psyched to find the camera, but now I have to wait for the battery to charge. Woe is me.

I spent most of the day inside my apartment, playing with my beard. It was something else. My girlfriend got home at about 5:30 PM, and we went out to the local Pioneer supermarket. It was sweet. I was feeling pretty good, because I had just completed a challenging prison-cell indoor workout, and I felt up to the task of carrying plastic bags filled with provisions. All smooth, except for one snag: bad meat. I bought bad meat. So we had to return the meat after we got some pizza slices and garlic knots at Family Pizza (a mainstay!). When I went back to the Pioneer to return the meat, I said to the Cold Cut Guy, "Hey, hi. Yeah, hup, hey, this turkey smells really bad." And he was like, "Eh?" And I replied, "Yeah it smells really weird and tastes wrong." And he was like, "No it doesn't." And then we went back and forth for a while, and we both re-tested the bad meat, and he insisted that the meat was fine. But he was cool and let me exchange the meat for a different flavor of meat. So now, instead of having a pound of Low Sodium Boar's Head Turkey, I have a pound of Boar's Head Cracked Pepper Turkey. Booyeah.

Bigtime. It's hot outside, so I hear a lot of action on the streets. The streets are alive with activity. There have got to be at least 15 Razor scooters out there right now. Those things are so loud and rattley. Some guy just whipped down the street in his SUV with ground effects, blaring bachata and beeping his horn. He stopped in front of our building, had some sort of interaction, beeped his horn again, then absconded. Then some old lady yelled at her daughter with a thick West Indian accent. Then my girlfriend yelled at the cat. Then the cat floundered on one of the couch pillows with an expression of panic on his furry visage.

Traffic Update! This just in: Flatbush Ave. was blocked off at Parkside today, because some sort of thing was going on. I looked at how it was blocked off, and then I investigated further by squinting and looking down the street. Then I quickly became uninterested and resumed walking toward the pizza shop. So much activity on the streets!

I ate two garlic knots. The pizza shop is using new, flashy pizza boxes. I forgot to do my laundry. I want an ice cream sandwich.

Action on the streets!

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