Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Diagnosing Idiotic Old Lady-ness

My bedroom can be accurately compared to the Radisson. This is due to the AC. It feels great. Last night, I even had to use a blanket, for warmth.

Today, I had my first summer class. I have to take classes this summer for my teaching certification. This particular class lasts for one week, and it is called Diagnosing Reading Problems, or something. It wasn't too bad. They give us a lot of breaks, which is nice, including a one-hour lunch break. I had a wrap.

There is an annoying old lady in the class. There always has to be an annoying old lady in the weird graduate course. That's always the case. She's very high maintenance, and she doesn't pay attention, so she misses stuff and then asks you what she missed, thus distracting you and sucking you into her idiotic oblivion vortex. "Don't bring me down with you, lady." That's what I should have told her. On numerous occasions, the teacher would say that she was going to give us the answers but not repeat herself, and the high maintenance old lady would ask her to repeat herself. The teacher did a good job of sticking to her word, and replied, "I'm not repeating. I shouldn't have to say it twice."

During a group discussion, the annoying old lady was pontificating about literacy in city schools, and she argued that kids struggle with reading because they have no desire to learn. Then she explained how kids in Poland all know how to read perfectly by middle school. That sounds like a bit of an exaggeration. And I hate when people have the "they don't want to learn" attitude. All kids want to learn, they just like playing video games better. Duh. Obviously no kid wants to learn from your old-school self. I can't picture that lady making a text relevant or interesting for today's youth. I'd rather play Marble Madness than listen to her teach.

She was wearing a short jean skirt, and I thought that was a strange wardrobe choice for an elderly lady. I looked at her legs a couple of times. They weren't bad. A little splotchy, but surprisingly toned.

During the last hour of the class, I made a doodle of a tractor trailer truck. I was behind the wheel. I also drew an anthropomorphic bird. I also drew a swirl.

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