Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grip the Floor Properly

I took a couch nap. It was solid. I think I have recovered from it, now.

I think today I will buy some fancy dog food and complete some household tasks with my girlfriend. I have to install some curtain rods. Booyeah.

Haha. My dog just tried to lick his hind quarters, but he was unsuccessful, because he couldn't get a proper grip on the floor, and his paws were sliding all over the place. That guy is a real card, I'll tell you.

There are a lot of great shows happening in Prospect Park, these days. Last night, while riding through the park on our bicycles, my girlfriend and I stopped to watch a performance. A band was playing, called Bomba Estereo, and let me tell you that they certainly made a splash in the band shell. There was a huge crowd there, too. The band sounded great. I enjoyed the various rhythms and rhymes they were deploying into the audience. They're from Bogota, Colombia. My middle school Spanish text book always mentioned Bogota, Colombia. It never mentioned this band, though. What a useless text book. There should have been a whole chapter on Bomba Estereo and band shell concerts where people dance around with brewskies and their kids and dogs. I wish my dog were there to see it. Instead, he was at home in a crate. If he were there, I would have slashed him open and sacrificed him to the band. Just kidding. I would have just stood there and watched the show with him.