Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Difficult to Leave This Place Before 5pm

My bedroom is definitely reminiscent of a Comfort Inn and Suites. Very nice. There is absolutely no way the air conditioning unit is going to fall out of the window and crush a child. Never gonna happen.

I am drinking a smoothie that I made yesterday. I'm telling you, the great thing about these smoothies, besides that they're crisp and refreshing, is you can drink them the following day, and they still taste fantastic. There is no way this is just a phase; I am going to make smoothies every day for the rest of my life, guaranteed. Mark my words. Mark my remarks. My middle name is Marc. Mark Cavendish won stage 5 of the Tour de France, today. Remarkable win.

My goal today is to make it out of the house by 3pm. It's going to be tough. Lately, I haven't been able to leave the house anytime before 5pm. This is what happens to me when I am off from school. I become stuck in my apartment.

Next week, I begin a class that I need to take for my teaching certification. Yay, New York State! Thanks, New York State, for putting me through hell for no reason! Yippeee! I plan to raise my hand in class, often, and say stuff like, "Hey Teacher, when are we gonna learn something cool?" and, "Yeah I didn't do it." and, "Can we watch The Goonies?" and, "Can I get a drink of water?" and, "When are we gonna learn how to put big kids in submission holds 'n' shit?"

It's going to be great.

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