Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swan Puppies

Today, my girlfriend and I rode our bicycles to the Red Hook community swimming pool. We did some laps. Then we went into the play section, where a young girl told us to stop laughing. (We couldn't help it; she was funny. She kept asking us if we knew how to jump into the pool. Then she went underwater and told me she saw my body. "I saw your body!" she said, "I saw the boy's body!")

While in the play section, we experimented with buoyancy and gravity. You can pick up most anything when you're in a pool, so my girlfriend picked me up and held me close, making me feel like a safe child in his mother's arms. It was a nice role reversal. Then we played a game where I pretend to be a sea parasite that attaches itself to its host with suction cups and drains the life from it. That game was fun. We played all sorts of games in the play section.

The lifeguards like to blow their whistles a lot at the Red Hook pool. They blew them on a regular basis. Little, sharp tweets. Then, there was this really long tweet, and we all had to get out, because someone had thrown a bag of dog shit into the pool. The guy next to me in the locker room, who happened to be the father of the cute little girl who told us not to laugh, said, "Can you believe what happened? Some kid troo a bag of dog shit over the fence inta da pool. Now who would do somethin' so stupid? Sheesh." "Yeah," I replied, even though I did stupid pranks like that when I was a youngster.

I took the dog for a long walk this morning in Prospect Park, and we saw swans. We also saw swan puppies, which he was excited about. I think my dog likes looking at stuff more than any of his other hobbies. He loves just looking around at things. We saw some guys in the drum circle, in Prospect Park, and he didn't look at them for as long as he looked at the swans.

Then we went into a wigwam built by white people.

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