Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hellmaster G

Well, June has certainly been my kind of month so far. Nice and hot. Sunny. A brief rain blast. I'll take it.

I watched the spring music concert at my school, tonight. Very nice. Some kids played the shortest pieces ever on the piano. It was funny. It was like this:

"Now, we have Jon Mendez performing Larry Schnitzelman's 'Blah Blah Concierto in C Minor'":

Honky tonk, tink tonk, tinkle dee tonk, tinkle winkle smear, klonk, tonk, blonky tinkly blonk! Blonk!

Then we clapped.

There were a few short ones like that. One kid did a sweet rendition of "Paparazzi." That one was a bit longer, and I enjoyed it.

On my way to the train station tonight, I encountered those crazy, sociopathic Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ guys who believe the white man is the devil. It was awesome. I was in the periphery of a conversation with my colleague and some students and their parents, and the head crazy guy accosted us with his minions and started ranting at my coworker. Then he cast aspersions upon me and gave me the hairy eyeball. I stared at him, simpering, and said nothing. It would have been pointless to argue. It's weird how, in his life story, I play the role of "the devil." That's flattering. I'm a dark prince. I didn't know I was that important. In my life story, I'm just some basic white dude walking around. I'll take the promotion.

Phil Collins rules.

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