Monday, June 21, 2010

Sun-tired on the Sluiceway

I certainly went to Six Flags. Now I'm sun-tired. And I have sun burn. The sun burned me from really far away, because it's extremely powerful.

It turns out that I could not really handle the G-forces of many of the bigger rides at Six Flags. I didn't even try to go on the bigger ones. I was maxed out after Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train, the first ride I went on. It's one of those small, "family-style" roller coasters. It was supposed to be my warm-up ride, but it actually turned out to be quite challenging for me, and I was dizzy and slightly ill afterward. I basically sat the bench for the rest of the day's rides, lest I make myself even more sick with a larger roller coaster. I did get on the Saw Mill Log Flume, toward the end of the afternoon. That ride is so classic. It hasn't changed a bit since I was a youngster. My students kept putting their hands in the water, while we were moving, so they could splash each other. I admonished them: "Get your hands outta the water before you get your fingers chopped off!" I'm surprised more people don't get their fingers completely chopped off on the Saw Mill Log Flume. I'm surprised I didn't see more fleshy phalanges floating around in that sluice.

Freakin' sluice. Sluiceway.

Oh yeah: I won a plush toy in that watergun squirt game. I am going to give it to my girlfriend as a present.

I didn't ride on Kingda Ka, but I looked at it.

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