Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tom Cruise 'n' Crenshaw Boulevard (Ice-T's a Pimp)

Not that I told you or anything, but Tom Cruise is totally cool and radical. How could you not like that guy, as an actor? He can't be stopped. I can't think of one movie with him in it that I don't like. He's dreamy. He's a charmer. He really is. I want to see that new Tom Cruise movie.

Speaking of movies, my girlfriend and I watched a movie last night called Something New. It's about the rigors of interracial love. There's this beautiful, business-minded black woman named Kenya, who is having trouble finding a man, and she ends up dating her white landscaper who has a golden retriever and likes nature and plant life. It's good. The best part is when he asks her to take her weave out. She gets really upset and kicks him out of the bedroom. What's funny is that, when she does get her weave removed, her new hairstyle just looks like another weave (or, if it's her hair, it's the type of hair that would make her not want a weave in the first place).

I want to cruise down Crenshaw Boulevard in a stripped-down Jeep with a golden retriever and my black girlfriend. That would be something.

I don't know anything about Crenshaw, except what I've seen in the movies. I know that I love the movie, Boyz N the Hood. Cuba Gooding Junior. That guy's great. Ice Cube. Ice Cuba Gooding Junior.

It turns out that Darryl Strawberry is from Crenshaw. I love it. Just love it. I love the 1990's Yankees. That was baseball's golden period for me. That's back when I used to go to Yankees games every once in a while. Totally fun. I used to have a baseball that was signed by Darryl Strawberry and Dave Winfield 'n' stuff.

Then I moved to Boston, where everyone hates the Yankees, because they're drunk.

Jeter swallows. V-Tek's a beast.